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 August 2, 2017 at 6:00 PM - Trafford Library. 


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This book written by Done Cole and Andrew Capets will benefit the TRAFFORD HISTORICAL SOCIETY


Trafford, located in the hills east of Pittsburgh, was officially incorporated as a borough in 1904. John Cavett I and his family were among the first settlers in the area, after purchasing land in 1769. Tracks for the Pennsylvania Railroad were laid through in 1852, and the territory became known as Stewart Station. In 1902, land at Stewart Station was purchased by renowned entrepreneur George Westinghouse, with the purpose of constructing a foundry and town to be named Trafford City, after Trafford Park in Manchester, England. Western Pennsylvania newspapers advertised the sale of lots in Trafford City, and thousands of property seekers came pouring in. The plant thrived for the majority of the 20th century and was the key to Trafford’s growth as a borough. Today, with the plant long gone, Trafford survives as a quaint, community-oriented town with an industrial history that all Pittsburghers can appreciate.


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