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Before Trafford was founded, the area consisted of a cluster of small settlements.  Most residents of Trafford know that George Westinghouse is credited for putting Trafford on the map.  However, this could not have happened without the help of the people already living in the surrounding settlements.  Westinghouse needed human capital to build his industry. This capital came in the form of labor performed by many of the people living nearby.  Additional labor came from immigrants that would eventually move and plant roots in Trafford.  One individual that must be recognized for his contributions to Trafford was once considered to be "The Father of Trafford," namely W.A. Miller.

George Westinghouse founded the Westinghouse Electric Company and in 1889 began the East Pittsburgh Works of that company.  One of his early companies was the Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Co., Ltd. in Trafford Park, England. Land was purchased from Trafford Park Estates, Ltd.of Manchester, England, and buildings were erected in 1900 to manufacture a complete range of electrical equipment. These buildings were much like the older buildings in East Pittsburgh.

The name of the park in England must have impressed George Westinghouse, for when his company in 1902 bought land at Stewart Station for the purpose of building a town and factory, he gave the name of Trafford City to that new town.  Construction of the foundry at Trafford City began soon after the land purchase. 

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